• Ayurvedic Dietary Rules -5

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    And here I’m back with the next dietary rule – ‘Jirne Ashniyat’, By now you all are well acquainted with the word Ashniyat, the new word for the day is ‘Jirne’, which literally means – One should always eat, only when the previous meal is well digested, contrary to what is commonly advised by the dieticians – Eat after every 2 hrs and this one is now another dilemma for my wonderful readers. No worries, I’ll tell you the reasons and benefits for the same, and make it easy for you to decide. Let us try to take a look at what happens if we eat, before the previous meal is not completely digested – Imagine a scenario –  You are cooking a delicious meal for dinner, you are all set. The rice and veggies are half way down cooked and would be ready in next 10 mins. To your surprise you have 4-5 friends dropping in, you realize that the food you cooked would not be sufficient for all – what do you do? –
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