• Gudhi Padwa – Ayurveda

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    Gudhi Padwa – The first day of the Chaitra month, marks the beginning of the New year -as per the Lunisolar Hindu calendar. Commonly known by its different names like Ugadi, Padvo, Thapna, Cheti chand in different states. Gudhi Padwa signifies arrival of the Spring (Vasant Rutu) and reaping of Rabi crops. Gudhi Padwa is celebrated at large throughout the country, this day is considered auspicious for new beginning, may it be business, good work, or special shopping, as it is among one of the auspicious three and half muhurats. As mentioned in one of the earlier blogs (Makar Sankrant), our festivals and the delicacies are relative to our health. The rituals and food /medicinal items are an indication of things to be included in our regimen in that particular rutu. In Maharashtra Gudhipadwa is celebrated in a special way, the houses are decorated with flower garlands, rangoli. A gudhi is hoisted at every house. Gudhi – A decorative long cloth along with neem leaves, flower garland, sugar garland is tied to a bamboo stick, this
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