• Makar Sankrant – The Ayurveda perspective

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    India is a land of festivals. We Indians celebrate all these festivals with lots of fun and enthusiasm. Ayurveda explains 6 rutus (seasons) where every 2 rutus clubbed together,  explains three seasons in a year as per modern calender. All these festivals are associated with various rituals and tasty delicacies with slight variations as per the state and customs carried there. It wont seem an exaggeration if I say, we almost have one festival every month. eg- We have Ganpati festival associated with Modak in varsha rutu (monsoon), then we have Dasshera followed by kojagri pournima, Sharad rutu (october heat) where in we relish flavoured milk cooled down by moonlight. Diwali – where we enjoy various sweet and salty recepies fried, baked, roasted all yummy and healthy comes in Hemant rutu (beginning of winter). And With the start of the new year comes Makar Sankranti, shishir rutu (peak of winter). Now one may wonder, why so many festivals alongwith so many other celebrations in a year? Din’t our forefathers have any work to do? Others may
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