• How much water should I drink everyday ?

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    Whatsapp message floods with various health tips everyday. May it be weight loss, cancer remedies, flax seed benefits, water therapy, etc. I have similar whatsapp verified doctors visiting my clinic many a times. Some of them try to explain about every 2 hourly meals, and how they manage it; whereas some of them insist on having plenty of water everyday. “Doctor I make it a point to finish these 3 bottles of water at work, I have kept them on my work desk, at times I also set an alarm” said a patient day before. “This aids detoxification, relieves constipation,etc”. Believe me friends, it takes too much efforts to create awareness among these people. Let us first understand that – Hunger and thirst are natural urges, which should be attended only on body’s demand, and not forced. Everything you put into your mouth has to undergo the process of digestion. Now give it a thought – when you eat every 2 hrly or drink ltrs of water unnecessarily, aren’t you exerting your digestive system? Forget
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