• Post Delivery Mother Care – Ayurveda – Part – 2

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    In the previous article we learnt about Post natal mother care in initial days, in this article we shall know in detail about the mother care during rest of the sutika period. As mentioned earlier sutika phase lasts for 6 wks after delivery, it is this time where the uterine muscles starts to regain its previous size and shape, which is equally important considering the female health and cosmetic aspect. The Sutika Paricharya is essential for : Regaining previous figure and vigour Generation of adequate breast milk for the baby Prevention of future degeneration of body tissues. By the end of first week, the newborn mother settles down with her chores of handling the baby, changing diapers, breast-feeding, self care, and diet. She also regains her emotional and hormonal balance. Now onwards the sutika paricharya changes majorly in terms of diet and medicines. Oil massage, belly binding and yoni dhoopan are to be continued till the end of 6wks or sutika kaal. Diet in Sutika Kaal : Mother can start her day early with Gum laddoo/ Garden cress
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