Guduchi – Elixir in Ayurveda herbs


Herbs, therapies, natural treatments, and home remedies are pivotal in Ayurveda. Herbs strengthen our immune system enabling us to fight the unwanted illnesses residing in our bodies. In today’s article, we will be discussing Giloy and its significant role in our lives. Guduchi, also known as Amruta or Rasayani is a popular herb in Ayurveda, […]

5 Things one Can Do in Quarantine to Stay Fit Mentally and Physically

5 Things one Can Do in Quarantine to Stay Fit Mentally and Physically

With all the Covid Positive cases pouring in, and fatalities and hospital admissions among friends and relatives, there is a lot of physical and mental turbulence occurring in each of our lives. It is only wise to stay at home and be safe. Staying indoors for days together is yet another challenge, but believe me, […]

Lifestyle Disease: Return to a Healthy Lifestyle with Ayurveda

Lifestyle Diseases

With India going through a vigorous transition period pertaining to health and lifestyle, there are millions of people who are unknowingly caught up in the loop of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle disease has recently got massive attention due to an increase in disorders – Cardiovascular disorder, Hypertension, PCOD, Cancer, Dyslipidemia, Arthritis, Alzheimer, Asthma, Chronic liver disease, […]

Managing Mental Health – Work from Home – Chapter 1


  Work from home – what a relief…!! this was the first reaction from many of us in its initial days. No travel Hassle, leisure work time, enjoying time with family, and sparing time for hobby made its place; but for how long could we really enjoy it? Times changed, situations changed and so did […]