A Conversation between Mother and Daughter 

It is inevitable to include your professional habits into your personal life and vis-a-vis. I have a young daughter, who is highly inquisitive, particularly about my profession.

She wants to know everything I do, everything I say, and why I say. Since I am a working woman, I have a lot of things on my plate and sometimes I do things unconsciously, perhaps out of routine practice.

Recently, while cooking, my daughter asked me, “Mom, why do we use Turmeric(Haldi) in our food? Why do you always make us eat Asafoetida (Hing) and add cumin and mustard seeds for tadka? My friends get sandwiches, noodles and pasta in their tiffin… and these dishes don’t seem to have haldi or hing.  Why do you add so many spices to food?”

While answering all the questions one after the other, along with its medicinal values (out of my habit), I realized I had accidentally started doing what I suggest to my patients daily.

“It was so wise of our grannies and great grandmas, who not only intertwined the idea of healing but also added flavors in simple cooking?”, I mused.

This is when I went back to my spice box or as we call it ‘Masala dani’ and started comprehending the meaning of each spice, I add to the food. “It is indeed the magic box”. My daughter exclaimed.

So here I am planning to reintroduce you to this Magic Box, in my upcoming blog series“Kitchen Diaries”, Here I will be covering some important points of various spices, their medicinal uses, and few home remedies. You can gradually share it with your children or use them to keep your family’s immunity strong.

I am sure some of you might be aware of the basic healing properties of the common herbs and spices we use daily; but believe me, there’s a lot to explore.

I am currently writing on the first spice I am going to talk about, till then you can mention the spice name you want me to talk about and why in the comment section below.  I will try and mention them in my upcoming articles.