Tulsi – An Herb that’s known to cure


Did-you-know when the British came to India they were troubled by the mosquito menace due to which they planted Tulsi and Neem all-around their Bungalows? The British referred to Tulsi as the Mosquito plant.  Introduction When we talk about old rules and rituals, we tend to ignore them assuming they won’t help us in today’s […]

A Permanent Cure for Asthma


 Asthma is a disease that forces people to live half their lives on medicines and relentless treatments. Ayurveda offers solutions for chronic illnesses and cures from the core. Let’s read the entire blog to know more. What is Asthma? Swasa, as mentioned in “Pranavaha Sroto Vikara” is a long-term non-communicable disease. The tightening of the […]

The Season of Stomach Discomfort is Here!

The Season of Stomach Discomfort is Here!

 The human body is gravely affected by the change in the seasons making it a storehouse of health problems. Let’s explore more about Monsoon and its effect on our five-foot-tall body. Introduction  While everyone is relishing every drop of rain after a prolonged hot season, our body is getting affected internally. After the first shower […]

5 Superfoods to Relish this Monsoon

Monsoon Superfood

Monsoon is here and so is the craving for spiced fritters, maggie, ginger tea, and coffee. Whilst relishing your favorite food items this monsoon, let’s not forget to pay attention to our health and the weakening of digestion. Let’s talk about it in detail in the blog. Introduction  Monsoon is the time for family get-togethers, […]

Ayurvedic Nutrition Tips for Varsha Ritu

Ayurveda health tips

As per the World Health Organization, the risk of getting infected in the monsoon season is 4 times higher than usual. The damp humid season is a good breeding ground for many micro-organisms. Most of the monsoon diseases are undetectable till the very end leading the body towards incurable illnesses. Monsoon can be an extremely […]

Guduchi – Elixir in Ayurveda herbs


Herbs, therapies, natural treatments, and home remedies are pivotal in Ayurveda. Herbs strengthen our immune system enabling us to fight the unwanted illnesses residing in our bodies. In today’s article, we will be discussing Giloy and its significant role in our lives. Guduchi, also known as Amruta or Rasayani is a popular herb in Ayurveda, […]

Dealing Mucormycosis with Ayurveda

Black Fungus

The Black Fungus has been affecting many recovering patients due to their compromised immune systems. One requires to treat this disease with natural remedies and treatments. Know more about Black Fungus, symptoms and causes of Black Fungus, and post-COVID care.  COVID-19 has been around for longer than we thought. While some have managed to keep […]