With all the Covid Positive cases pouring in, and fatalities and hospital admissions among friends and relatives, there is a lot of physical and mental turbulence occurring in each of our lives. It is only wise to stay at home and be safe. Staying indoors for days together is yet another challenge, but believe me, you are not the only one who is going through this. Most of my patients and family members have been going through a similar at-home syndrome, wherein we all are quietly sitting at home stocking up our pantries and keenly waiting for the next development.

People who have managed to keep themselves free from the virus in the 1stwave of COVID are now, unfortunately, at a higher risk. Looking at the current scenario, I think most of us are now losing our will to look after our mental and physical fitness. However, if you are in quarantine, it is just the right time to focus on your fitness and mental well-being.

Even if you aren’t tested positive, if you have come in contact with a COVID-positive patient, most likely you’ll be advised to stay in 14 days quarantine which is a lot of time to stay in isolation with nothing but TV loaded with COVID news, books, laptop, and yourself. In such a situation anxiety and stress are inevitable. So how does one help oneself from falling into the loop of depression?

I believe that medicine and treatment can do wonders with a perfect diet and regular activity. Therefore, today we will discuss 5 things you can do to stay healthy as a horse during your self-quarantine

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Physical & Mental Health Tips for Quarantine

Physical & Mental Health Tips

  1. Time to Invest in Health

Self-quarantine should not distract you from achieving your goal of staying fit and healthy this year. Yoga is one of the oldest and beneficial forms of exercise that keeps your body fit and fine. Hence, keep trying new forms of yoga and learn a new exercise, if you haven’t yet. This will keep you strong internally and externally. Moreover, it is an exercise that is known for relieving stress and anxiety. Spare some time for meditation, as it helps relieve stress. Keep your diet simple, Satvic, and healthy for easy digestion. 

    2. Escape in the World of Books

A lot of us complain that we don’t have enough time to satisfy our need to read and get lost in the world of stories. Well, isolation is just the right time to invest in some books to fill in the downtime. It is essential to stay mentally active while in isolation. This will help you stay happy and calm. 

    3. Ayurvedic Medicines & Treatments Will Keep you Strong

Ayurveda Diet

Strong Immunity is one great barrier to any infection. Immunity boosting is not a one-day recipe, but it is never too late to start with. 

Ayurvedic medicines may vary with patients, according to the symptoms. I advise my patients on the following to-do list – These should actually be included in our daily regime to stay healthy. 

Ayurvedic medicines like Sitopaladi Churna, Mahasudarshan Kadha, Guduchi, Yashtimadhu, turmeric powder, dry ginger powder are helpful. There are many more medications in the stores that will help to increase the Oxygen levels and take care of cough and fever. Please note that all the medicines and treatments should be taken only after a doctor’s consultation.  

       1. Be Socially Active

Isolation can cause severe anxiety and stress, resulting in depression. To keep your mind active and stable, it’s better to stay in contact with your friends and family members via calls, video calls, and social media. To keep yourself mentally healthy, remember to share your thoughts with someone who can help you relax and feel positive. Share positive thoughts and messages.  

      2. Keep yourself Busy with Entertainment.

Whenever I talk to my patients, I always tell them to keep watching movies and series but in moderation. Binge-watching can disrupt your sleeping routine and strain your eye muscles; therefore, a little entertainment is good for you to fill in the downtime. Apart from working from home, one can easily relax and be stress-free via movies and shows. 

Being COVID-positive is nothing abnormal, it is yet another virus that can weaken your body and mind before you know. Hence, I always tell my patients to maintain a healthy diet, exercise to stay fit, and be positive to maintain strong willpower. The only way to come out of isolation is by being positive and taking precautionary treatment and medicines before it is too late. Please do not be scared, if you are strong, you can easily come out of self-isolation without being mentally and physically affected.