• Halitosis – Say Bye To Bad Breathe.

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    Halitosis or bad breathe is one of the commonly faced problem by many of us some or the other time. Bad breath is not a disease in itself but an irritating symptom which can bring concerns in social and personal rapport. Most of the times it is a temporary symptom which settles on its own depending upon the cause, but sometimes this small symptom can be intricate enough to deal with.   Causes of Bad Breathe : Lack of oral hygiene. Xerostomia (Dry mouth). Food particles clogged between the dentures provide a seat for Bacterias to multiply. Intake of pungent foods like Onion, Garlic, eggs. Smoking, Alcohol consumption and Tobacco chewing. Underlying diseases like Respiratory tract infection such chronic cold and Sinusitis, Gastro Intestinal complaints like indigestion, constipation, acidity. Also some kidney and liver diseases can be the cause of foul smelling breathe. Sometimes Diet and Fasting can also be the reason, as it leads to dryness of mouth and allows plaque formation. Tips to fight Bad Breathe :  Brush your teeth properly atleast twice
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