Krimi or worms is one of the most common and important aspect causing health problems in children.

The common complaints indicative of worm infestation are increased appetite, low digestive fire thereby causing indigestion, and in some cases decreased appetite is also noticed, recurrent mild abdominal pain around the navel, bad breath, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, itching at anus, whole body itching, white patches on the face, excessive dry skin, weakness, lack or disturbed sleep, dribbling of saliva during sleep, teeth biting, bed wetting, boils over skin accompanied by itching, headache, picking of nose. Worms may manifest themselves by various symptoms as mentioned above, not every child with worms will have all the symptoms, but few of these.

Worm infestation may result due to lack of personal hygiene, uncooked and contaminated food, leafy vegetables should be washed thoroughly as it may carry with it eggs and larvae of the worms, eating excess sweet, fried food, junk food, jaggery, curd + sugar,fruits + milk, udad dal preparations, nonveg, etc which are hard to digest.

Worms can be well treated by Ayurvedic way, it not only suggests treatment by medicine but also preventive measures and dietary modifications are important.

Powder of Vidanga (Embelia Ribes) should be taken along with honey or warm water early morning. Mixture of Dry ginger + black pepper + Pippali (Piper longum) taken with honey for 15days helps to cure worms. Juice of Tulsi leaves along with honey taken for long term culminates the habit of worm infestation. Mixture of Peach juice and honey is known to be one of the tasty remedy of worms.

A decoction of Nagarmotha, Daruharidra, drumstick bark along with powder of Piper longum and Vidanga removes all the intestinal worms and destroys the habitat suitable for worms.

Daily food ingredients like Ajwain, Black pepper, Asofoetida, Black salt, Dry ginger, Garlic, Turmeric are good deworming agents. Ajwain mixed with a pinch of salt and take on an empty stomach for a week helps to eliminate worms from the intestines.

Habit of drinking boiled water, coconut water or water medicated with Ajwain, Vidang also serves the purpose.

In complains like itching at anus, a piece of cotton soaked in sesame oil or groundnutoil should be placed at anus in small children upto age of   4-5yrs, in older children Basti with medicated oil or seasame oil, or mustard oil eliminates all the worms. Niruha basti with decoction of herbs like Amla, Sounth, Dadim twak, Daruharidra is also very effective.

Other commonly used medicines are Krimikuthar ras, Vidangarishtha, Vidangadi churna, Kankayan guti, Kapila vati, Kutajarishtha, Navayas Churna, but these medicines should only be taken after consultation of Ayurvedic physician.

Some Dietary modulations are also helpful, Include all types of fruits and vegetables in your diet don’t stick to favourites like potatoes, curd + sugar, curd rice, bananas, custard apples, pineapples etc. on the other hand raw bananas helps in deworming. Avoid frequent eating of bread, jam, noodles, cheese, pastries and other bakery products and junk food. Increase intake of vegetables and foods like snake gourd, capsicum, bitter gourd, drumstick, raddish, garlic. Avoid eating only chapatis make a habit of having rice as well with dal, spoonful of ghee along with a pinch of pepper powder.

Avoid sleeping at day time, over eating, and drinking excess of water, wash your hands before and after eating and also when contaminated during playing with pets or any other ways.


A little care and good personal and dietary habits can keep your child away from several health problems.