Transformation of a woman into a mother begins right from the time she conceives and so does the planning for the upbringing and development of the child. Both the mother and the baby gets attached to each other by an inextricable innate bond, such that every minute act, thoughts, joys, sorrows, emotions, eating habits influences baby’s physical, mental and emotional growth. Further on as time passes by the baby also recognizes and responds to mother’s voice and feelings. The mother can comfort the baby by expressing her love and care through her emotions.

It is since ages that Ayurveda appreciates the importance of ‘Suprajanan’ ( The science related with – grooming the process of childbirth well in advance – right from preparation for conception, achieving spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional state of equilibrium of both mother and the foetus till the childbirth and thereafter in a definitely superior fashion).

‘Garbha’ is the foetus and ‘Sanskaar’ is the ritual performed for welcoming the arrival of the most awaited family member – The BABY. It is the preparation of both the would be parents, especially the mother who nurtures the baby in her womb for the upcoming desired course of time.

We plan our Birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, our finances, travels and lot many things, then why miss an opportunity to plan our baby? which is the most wonderful and divine blessing of our life. With this facility we can design and modify our physical and mental needs and activities, our work schedules, plan our diet, exercises, lifestyle and thus bestow upon health, intelligence, devotion, moral values, valor, courage, energy and elegance  in the offspring. The procedure starts almost 3-4 months prior to conception. A planned pregnancy is always superior in all aspects to an unscheduled one.

Thus Garbha sanskaar is the process of developing the course of childbirth into the most cherishable and momentous experience. We, here at Seven Ayurveda Care serve you an opportunity to live this magnificent experience.