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  • Managing Mental Health – Work from Home

    Posted on by shweta

    Work from home – what a relief…!! this was the first reaction from many of us in its initial days. No travel Hassle, leisure work time, enjoying time with family, and sparing time for hobby made its place; but for how long could we really enjoy it? Times changed, situations changed and so did the work mode and human’s way of handling it. It was not very long, when we realized that this work method is taking a toll not only on our physical health but mental health too; YES…, mental health is equally important. WHO defines “Health as a state of complete Physical, Mental and Social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Ayurveda explains Swasthya (health) as- “Samadosha samagnishch samadhatu mala kriyaha Prasanna atmendriya manaha swasthya ityabhidheeyate” Health according to Ayurveda, not only emphasizes on equilibrium of Dosha, Dhatu, Mala and Agni, at physical level but also extends its concept to well-being of mind and soul (inner self/ emotional factor). As time passed, the flaws with ‘work from home’ started
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