In the last blog we started with the Aharvidhi vidhaan, where we discussed about the first dietary rule Ushnam ashniyat, now we shall know more about the second rule –

2. Snigdham Ashniyat – 

Now we all know ashniyat means to eat, we shall know what exactly snigdha means. A generalized translation of the word ‘snigdha’, may mean oily, (I can notice most of yours eyebrow raised by the word ‘Oily’, and the immediate pop ups into the mind – weight gain, cholestrol, acidity, and lot more).

As mentioned, that would be a mere translation. The word ‘snigdha’ in Ayurveda has various shades – it explains moistness of the food, food texture and quality which will please the body and mind, definitely it also specifies use of oil or ghee in desired proportion which shall provide the necessary lubrication to the body internally and externally, and not the food – deep fried in oil or ghee.

Benefits of Snigdha Bhojan (food)