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Comprehend Obesity the Ayurveda Way

“I am obese, what should I do?” – It’s a question I am generally asked during my clinic hours. Many patients come to my clinic with a question in their minds – Is obesity a curable disorder? Well, let me tell you that obesity is a lifestyle disorder caused by zero exercise and indigestion. Since it’s a lifestyle disorder, it can easily be cured if the correct measures are taken.

WHO defines obesity as, “An energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.” It’s a disorder involving excessive body fat leading to extreme health issues including cardiovascular problems, blood pressure, joint pains, weak bone structure, frequent fractures, and much more. When your body starts storing more fat and energy than burning it, you are leading to obesity.

While many patients come to me worried about their or their child’s growing weight, I always assure them that weight can be controlled through regular exercise and mindful eating.

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How is Obesity Measured?

Obesity is measured through BMI or Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index is a full-body fat indicator that checks your weight as per your height. If the body mass index is above 30, then you can call yourself obese.

Atisthaulya and Atisthula

In Ayurveda, the person who has extensive fat and flesh growth and is unable to work due to disfigured posture is called Atisthula and the condition is referred to as Atisthaulya. Impairment in fat metabolism (Meda dhatu dushti) causes sthoulya, this hampers nourishment of further dhatus, and thus everything that is consumed results in fat deposition in the body.

Apart from dietetic, regimen, and psychological factors, the heredity component (Bijadosha) is understood to play a major role in a person’s increasing body fat leading to Atisthaulya or obesity.

Ayurvedic Obesity Treatments

I always suggest my patients to eat the right food at the right time along with some exercises and Ayurveda treatments. There are multiple ways to cure overweight or obesity issue in Ayurveda including:-

  • Synchronized massage with particular oils.
  • Herbal steam bath aids in mobilizing accumulated fat in the body.
  • Deep, dry massage with specific herbs, also known as Udvartan helps to mobilize accumulated fat in the body.
  • Panchakarma is also found to be a great remedy for weight loss.
  • Avoid daytime sleep.

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Exercises to Follow 

According to Ayurveda, massages and herbs can only work in accord with relevant exercises like:-

  • Minimum of 45 minutes brisk walk every day.
  • Pranayam with the right diet can do wonders in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Yoga asanas like vajrasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, bhujangasana, trikonasana, and  shalabasana are a perfect blend of exercises that can aid in reducing weight.

Diet to Follow

Obesity Diet

I believe that the right eating habits play a crucial role in reducing weight and getting rid of that extra fat in your body.

  • Mindful eating is a way of choosing food that satisfies your body rather than emotions.
  • Triphala and turmeric are medicinal plants that aid in weight reduction. You can also have cinnamon , ginger, honey, and pepper as effective weight reduction natural herbs after consulting your doctor.

Obesity is not a disorder that cannot be cured or prevented; in fact, it is a lifestyle disorder that can easily be controlled without much effort. The key is to have the right food, choose the right exercises, and be less stressed and anxious. Ayurveda offers you natural herbal treatments that can aid in reducing weight in an organic way; hence, instead of going for medicines for weight loss, try introducing your body to yoga, herbs, and some extremely simple exercises.

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