Q.1 Which is the best age to start Suvarna prashan ?

Suvarna prashan can be given to age group of 0 – 16yrs. You can start the doses at any age, but the best age is 1mth i.e. as early as possible since the process of physical and mental growth is not completely achieved hence if started at earlier age the development takes place superiorly.

Q.2 How many doses should be given ?

As per the reference in the texts it suggests administration of minimum 30 doses for better results. But you can continue as many further doses till the age of 16yrs, it will act as booster doses.

Q.3 What is the right time to administer Suvarna prashan dose ?

Suvarna prashan dose should be administered early the morning, on empty stomach for better absorption of the medicine. However if you cannot give it early morning, you can give it any time throughout the day of Pushya nakshatra, 

Q.4 Any rules about having food after the dose ?

It is advisable not to eat anything  for 30 mins before and after taking the Suvarna prasha dose.

Q.5 Are there any side effects of the medicine?

There are no side effects of the Suvarna prashan medicine. Complete hygiene is maintained while preparing and administration of the Suvarna prashan.

Q.6 Can Suvarna prashan be given if the child is ill ?

It is advisable not to give the medicine if the child has fever, or is suffering from  severe illness. It is fine if you miss a dose due to illness or any other reason. You can continue the dose from  next month or once the child recovers.

Q.7 In how many months can we expect results? 

Immediate effects cannot be expected. Boosting the memory & immunity is a time taking process. We need to wait for minimum 4 months to observe the changes.

Q.8 What are the ingredients of Suvarna Prashan ?

Medicated ghee is prepared with immunity and memory boosting herbs like Guduchi, vacha, Brahmi, shatavari, etc. and Gold 

Suvarna bhasma (bhasma powder) is mixed with unequal quantity of medicated ghee (Suvarna prashan Ghrit)  and honey. This dose is then administered to the child according to the age.


Q.9 Will this be useful for special or delayed milestone children?
Yes, Special children are very much benefited by suvarna prashan. It helps to improve their overall immunity and brain development. Other medications maybe needed along with suvarna prashan depending upon individual symptoms.
Q.10 How long can you store the suvarna prashan ?
Suvarna Prashan can be stored well at room temperature for 2 yrs, You need not refrigerate it. Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight or near moisture.
Q.11 Is Suvarna Prashan supposed to be given only on the day of Pushya Nakshatra?
Suvarna Prashan is a medicine which comes under the category of Rasayan medicine. Rasayan medicine is the type of medicine which helps to build and rejuvinate healthy dhatus in an individual. 
This rasayan medicine can be taken on a daily basis, in a specified dose recommended by your doctor. Those who are not able to take it daily can choose to give this every week or on every Pushya nakshatra.
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Q.12 Can vaccination or other regular medicines be continued with Suvarna prashan ?
Yes, regular medicines be continued with Suvarna prashan, Also the national immunization schedules can be continued.

Swarna bhasma is a preparation which is obtained after elaborate process of purification (shodhan sanskar) with various herbs and heat processing through incineration (Maaran sanskar). This makes it easy to assimilate in our body without any ill effects.

Infact it bestows beneficial effects like – boosting immunity, memory, strength, speech, valor. It has an auspicious and rasayan  effect. There is marked difference in consuming gold as a bhasma and gold as a metal. Studies has been carried out to evaluate the absorption of Swarna bhasma in the blood.


Detailed study on safety profile of Swarna bhasma has been also reported. The action of Bhasma to that of Nano particles are highly compatible to the blood.


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