sun burnSummer – The vacation time, with loved ones at our favorite destinations like water parks, parks, beaches, hill stations, etc, – is undoubtedly the most awaited time of the year. Amongst all these fun and frolic, at the end what we really hate is the Skin tan and Sun burns. Sun burns can also be a common problem for people working outdoors, or engaged in outdoor activities. These Sun burns can at time, really be very painful and leaves unwanted marks and patches on skin, thus spoiling one’s beauty and appearance.

Application of chemical based sunscreens and cosmetic creams are not always safe; they can cause further skin darkening or irritation of skin. Here in this article we shall know about few safe, easy and natural remedies against sun burns.

Sun burn is an inflammatory skin condition which occurs due to over exposure to ultraviolet sunrays. Sun burns represent as redness, inflammation or blisters with excess burning sensation and itching. Pitta prakriti people, and people with excess doshas and heat are prone to sun burns.

  1. The very important thing is cover yourself well to avoid sun exposure. Avoid sun exposure in peak hours of 12-4 pm.aloevera
  2. Aloe vera : It is just the perfect wonder herb for any kind of burns and so does it work here. Slit open the aloe leaf from your garden and apply the fresh pulp on the burn site, it soothens the burnt site without leaving any discolouration. In case fresh aloe is not available you can use the gel form.
  3. Ghee – Application of ghee locally is yet another wonderful remedy for burns. Application of plain ghee or medicated ghee like Shatadhout ghee, Tikta ghrit or yashtimadhu ghrit helps in healing the burns.
  4. Coconut oil – Coconut oil is a very good sunscreen, application of coconut oil before going out in the sun prevents Sun tan and burns as well, and its application post sun exposure helps to heal minor burns.images (1)
  5. A herbal pack with combination of sandalwood powder, amla, yashtimadhu, sariva, turmeric, and usheer mixed in plain water/rose water/milk is also effective when applied on burnt parts. The medicinal powder not only has a coolant effect but its anti-inflammatory and healing properties helps clear the skin and also adds glow to it.
  6. In case nothing is available wash the burn site with tap water, for 10-15 mins, repeat 2-3 times in a day.
  7. Cow Milk – Cow’s milk is a good cooling agent, Soak a cotton guaze in milk and place it on the burn site; it offers quick cooling effect and prevents further penetration of heat into the body.
  8. In case of dry skin and or dry climate where people don’t sweat much, buttermilk can be used to wash the burnt site, buttermilk neutralizes the heat effect, removes skin tan and soothens the burn.
  9. Cucumber slices can be placed over the burnt site to give a cooling effect.
  10. fruitsVeggies and fruit  pulps or juices of Papaya, strawberry, lemon, tomato, Potato, Cabbage, Mango also heals and rejuvenates the skin. Rubbing the fleshy part of the watermelon rind to skin calms your skin and helps tone down blisters or redness caused by sunburns.

All these remedies are based on principles of Ayurveda, completely natural, inexpensive and non-invasive. They are easy to make, with all the ingredients available in your kitchen with minimal efforts and high results.

You can also try various Ayurvedic and herbal therapies and medicines offered in our clinic, which not only cures sunburn and tan effectively without any side effects but also enhances your skin texture and glow.