Infertility in general can be classified as :

1) Male Infertility

2) Female Infertility.

1) Male Infertility :

The following points need to considered while studying Male Infertility :

  • Volume of semen.
  •  Sperm count – oligospermia, azoospermia, necrospermia.
  • Motility of sperm.
  • Structural defects of sperms – Due to vitiated vata dosha.
  • Any obstruction in genital tract.
  • Erectile dysfunction.

 Causes of Male Infertility :



Ayurveda explains following causes for male infertility :

  • Ativyavayat – Over indulgence in sexual activity.
  • Vyayamat – Over exertion, it may include any kind of physical exertion or strenuous mental efforts.
  • Avyayamat – Over relaxation, laziness or spending very leisure life.
  • Asatmyanam cha sevanat – Eating over spicy, salted, sour, frozen foods, foods with low nutrition and lack of hygiene; also behavioural habits like sleeping very late at night, hectic lifestyle leads to disparity of Rakta and Pitta Dosha, ultimately causing Shukra kshaya i.e. deficit in Shukra Dhatu qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Akale – It means at inappropriate time; i.e. before desirable age specifically before age of 16 in females and 18 in that of males, or beyond the age of 65-70 where the body faces generalised debility. Another aspect explains having intercourse very frequently and many times (5-6 times) in a day also leads to debility of Shukra dhatu.
  • Ayonau – Indulging into sex in other than natural ways, i.e. Masturbation, oral or anal sex etc.
  • Maithunam Na Cha Gachataha – Suppression of sexual urge.
  • Narinam Arasaudnyata – Having intercourse with undesirable partner.

The other essential causes are fear, stress, sorrow, tight clothing, working in hot environment for long duration. Smoking and alcohol consumption significantly affect virility in males.

Trauma to the genital organs, generalised debility, muscle weakness and stress can result in erectile dysfunction.

Suppression of sexual urge, infection in reproductive tract, or any kind of stricture can cause an obstructive pathology.

Treating Male Infertility :

Overcoming male infertility requires some basic modulation in lifestyle and food habits.

The treatment includes Shodhan chikitsa i.e. cleansing therapy depending upon dominancy of derranged doshas. Vaman in Kapha dushti, Virechan in Pitta dushti and Basti in case of Vata dushti.








Panchakarma therapies like Abhyanga (whole body massage), Shirodhara, Nasya endows great deal of physical and mental relaxation.

Regular exercise and yoga promotes added assistance. One should practice pelvic floor exercises, padmasan, mool bandha to strengthen and optimize the functionality of the desired organs.

Treating obstructions or infections if any, with medicines like Gokshur, Guduchi, Triphala, etc. Also Uttar Basti treatment  serves beneficial in cases of obstructive pathologies, it as well strengthens the muscles of urinary tract and reproductive system.

Rejuvenation and Aphrodisiac treatment plays an important role; Rejuvenation therapy revitalizes the body and reinforces it internally and externally thus enhances body endurance and also assists in creating healthier sperms. Medicines like Chyawanprash, Musali paak, Rasayan vati, Kandarpa paak, Kushmand avleha, etc serves the purpose. A combination of milk + ghee + honey + cold water in specific proportion depending upon one’s body constitution along with other medicines like yastimadhu, shatavari, amla, etc. serves as a good rasayan.

Aphrodisiac Therapies are of 3 types :

  1. Sperm generating or enhancing sperm count.
  2. Those which helps in ejaculation of seminal fluid.
  3. Medicines which serve both the above purpose.

Medicines like Shatavari, Nagbala, Bala, Musali, Ashwagandha, Milk, Ghee, Haritaki, Amla, Yastimadhu, Pippali, Shatavari kalpa plays an essential role in improving count of efficient sperms.

Kapikacchu, Vidari, Gokshur, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Bruhati phala, medicinal preparations like Vrushya vati, Shilajatu, Vanari kalpa cures problems related to Semen ejaculation.

Gokshur, Ashwagandha, Musali, Kapikacchu, Pippali, Milk, Ghee, Fruits and fruit juices; and the most important aspect – pleasant relaxed state of mind is the key ingredient to treat infertility. Vrushya vati  not only increases sperm count qualitatively and quantitatively, but also improves vigor, it also takes care of problems like impotency, loss of libido.

All the above mentioned medicines can be used in powder form, or for superior results they should be used in the form of medicated milk or ghee, Because oleation and revitalization of cells is an integral part of the treatment.

Necessary Diet Modifications :

  • Fresh, organic fruits, fruit juices and vegetables.
  •  Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, black currants, dates, figs, apricots, and raisins.
  • Milk , milk-date shake, milk-mango shake can also be cherished.
  • Dairy products like cream, lassi, butter; especially intake of Milk and Ghee should be increased. They can be taken plainly, or in medicated form.
  • Non-vegetarians can include preparations of eggs, meat (Goat meat), rooster. Soups increases appetite and also provides desired nutrition.
  • Rice pudding or vermicelle pudding, sweet preparation of suji in ghee is also beneficial.
  • Spices such as ajwain powder, cumin, turmeric cleanses the genitourinary tract.
  • Include coconut and coconut milk in your diet.
A big “NO” to Smoking and Alcohol consumption is must.
You should always attend the natural urges.
There are still many medicines depending upon an individual body constitution, all the above recommended medicines should be taken under consultation of Ayurvedic physician.