Have you been pestering yourself by eating less in order to lose weight? Have you been measuring the amount of food calories you are gulping down your throat to reduce that extra inch on your belly? There are a lot of people who have been choosing to follow a diet blindly without considering its effects on their body, mind, and overall health. I always ask people to choose mindful eating over blindly dieting.

Mindful Eating is a process-oriented rather than an outcome-driven behavior where you are expected to relish your food moment-by-moment. It has nothing to do with calories, food amount, carbohydrates, and fats, instead, it asks you to eat guilt-free.  It does not involve restricting food or food products but encourages you to choose what you want to eat and at what time.

While mindful eating does not offer weight loss diet charts and techniques, it’s likely that those who adopt this behavior of eating can lose weight naturally. It is coincidental that people who choose to relish their eating experience tend to eat less and savor eating more selective food items.

Ayurveda Diet

What does Ayurveda say about diet and mindful eating?

Ayurveda believes that our body is made up of the nutrients it receives from the food we digest. The food that is properly consumed becomes a medicine for the body and the mind. Stomach and stomach-troubles related troubles like indigestion disrupt your emotions and hormones; putting your body at risk of gaining weight, inviting unwanted diseases and playing with your everyday mood. An improper digestion leads to the accumulation of toxins or ama in the body that is the core reason for all your disorders.

Ayurveda encourages you to eat food that satisfies your digestive juices and offers you a sense of pleasure and contentment. Do you agree?

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What should be your eating behavior?

Ayurveda Diet guidelines

What you should eat as per Ayurveda guidelines?

The suggestion is to eat what you like but just to feed your stomach, not the emotions. Dieting might give you results instantly, but mindful eating and a healthy diet will go a long way when it comes to choosing the right food to reduce weight.


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