According to the World Health Organizations’ report, Children are going to be the worst hit by the third wave of Coronavirus, primarily due to the non-availability of vaccines and medicines for children. However, I believe the kids are as prone to this life-threatening disease as to any other virus prevailing in India. 

Listening to WHOs report, parents are curious and want to find ways to keep their children safe and healthy, and rightly so. I believe to exponentially reduce the impact of COVID-19 on children, parents can leverage a few home remedies. Of course, social distancing and hygiene are the most important points to cover, but there are other key points to keep in mind while preparing your children for the third wave. 

Let’s see how you as parents can take care of your children in this need of the hour and reduce the effect of COVID-19 on your child’s health

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Post-COVID Care for Children 

Please keep in mind that children have a tendency to do the exact opposite of what you tell them to follow. Hence, show your kids the importance of washing hands daily, covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing, and eating healthy supplements to boost the immune system. Once they notice you follow your own instructions they will instantly start following you. 

Camphor and dhoop naturally eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses allowing you to live in a clean and healthy environment. Fumigate your house with camphor and dhoop to stay in a corona-free environment curbing the impact of COVID-19 on children

Consult Child  Specialists

Suvarna Prashan helps in balancing all the three doshas and keep childrens’ body, mind, and soul disease-free. It can be taken by children below the age of 16. A daily dose can help enhance your child’s immunity protecting him/her from life-threatening viruses.

Already the children are sitting at home with zero physical exercises, it is only wise to keep them away from unhealthy and oily food, junk food in particular. Instead of ordering food from outside, it is always better to cook food in ghee, it provides your body the energy and nutrition it requires. 

The kids are at home for more than a year now, it is obvious for them to get cranky and fidgety, leaving you in despair. I always advise my patients to keep talking to their kids about the new stuff happening in the world. The positive information regarding Coronavirs can keep your children away from stress and anxiety which is growing gradually in them. 

Since the kids aren’t able to play outside with their friends, their energy is not being utilized the way it should. Hence, it is better to introduce them to different exercises. It will help you build a strong bond with your child as well as give them a sense of comfort and confidence. This is a very good way to teach your children the benefit of a healthy lifestyle comprising of 20 mins of exercise every day.  


Kids’ immunity is stronger than adults’, hence, it shouldn’t be difficult to protect them from Coronavirus. However, it is essential for kids to learn healthy habits to stay safe. If your child has a condition and is weak since his/her birth, you should stay in contact with an Ayurvedic doctor and constantly keep an eye on your child’s health.