Carrots or Daucus carota – A favourite among salads, used in variety of culinary recipes and popularly known for its opthalmic benefits – Although there are many health benefits, which we are not well aware about. We always hear people suggesting each other, “Oh! she has spectacles, poor thing, give her carrots and green vegetables, it really helps you know.” Its sweet taste and crunchy texture makes it favourite among all age groups. Let us explore the health benefits of carrots.

Carrots come in varied species red, orange, purple, yellow, white…They grow all over the world in cool regions and more better to consume them in cold climates. ‘Grunjan’ or garjar – Sanskrit name for carrot – belongs to umbelliferae family. The roots, seeds and seed oil are usually used for medicinal purposes.

गाजरं मधुरं तीक्ष्णं तिक्तोष्णं दिपनं लघु | संग्राहि रक्तपित्तार्शोग्रहणीकफवातजित् || भा.प्र

रुच्यं च दिपनं ह्रद्यं दुर्गंधम् गुल्मनाशनम् |बीजं चोष्णम् मतं चास्य वृष्यं वै गर्भपातकृत् || रा.नि.

_ The above verses explain properties and uses of carrots as under :

Uses Of Carrots –

So cook it, stir it, munch it raw alone or with salads, or make juice out of it, or relish a delicacy like gajar ka halwa, enjoy the way you want to, eat lots of carrots and stay healthy.