Infertility in a woman can occur due to various reasons, some of them can be easily curable, now lets know how to confront it.



Guidelines to treat female infertility :

To treat any ailment one should be sure of the causative factor, once it is detected you can proceed with the medications and therapies. As mentioned earlier the vata dosha, predominantly Apan vayu should be taken care of along with the associated impaired Dosha.

Pain, swelling, Vaginal infections, ulcerations should be treated according to the cause for the same. Herbs like Punarnava, Gokshur, Haridra, Anantmool, Manjishtha, Triphala, Chandan reduces swelling and pain. If Pandu (Anaemia) is the cause it should be treated first. Intercourse should be strictly avoided till the swelling subsides if overindulgence is the reason for swelling. These medicines also bring the infection under control when taken along with medicines like Chandraprabha vati, Arogyavardhini, Sookshma triphala, chandanasav, ushirasav.

Vitiated Pitta and related imbalance also causes ulceration and erosions, excessive heat in the vaginal area may even result in necrospermia, A smear test helps diagnose this condition. Pitta pacifying treatment like Gokshur, Anantmool, Haridra, Udumbar, Ushir, Musta, Chandan in powder, decoction or lepa form serves beneficial. Chandanasav,Ushirasav, Kamdudha ras, Sootshekhar ras etc can be used to treat derranged Pitta. Internal medications should be preceeded by Virechan and Basti therapy. Dietary modifications are essential.

Vaginal dryness, fissures, piles, narrow cervical opening, swelling causes dysparunia. Administration of basti, internal and external use of medicated oil. Sneha pichu dharan, vaginal douche lubricates the tract and reduces dysparunia.

Recurrent Urinary tract infections can be brought under control with Gokshur, Anantamool, Punarnava, Ushir, Chandan, Praval bhasma. medicated water with coriander seeds, laja, shatavari kalpa + water, fruit juices, etc.

Continuous intermittent spotting can be a barrier for intercourse in which Ashok, Lodhra, Vasa, Yashtimadhu, Shatavari proves helpful.

Numbness or decreased sensation at the external genitalia can be treated with Application of medicated oil externally followed by sudation which gives remarkable relief.

Excessive white discharge, or purulent discharge – Pushyanug choorna, Lodhra, Yashti, Tandulodak, Chandraprabha vati, Punarnava, Ashok, Sariva.

Sometimes Narrow cervical opening, becomes a barrier for intercourse. An underdeveloped uterus is also the reason for infertility. Administration of Anuvasan and Niruha Basti along with regular treatment like Sneha pichu dharan and vaginal douche helps to facilitate the developement of the uterus. A well nourishing diet and  internal use of medicines like Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Triphala, Bala, Yashtimadhu, Vidari in the form of powder or ghee serves additive effects. It also increases the size of uterus and enlarges the cervical opening.

Hormonal imbalance causing Ovulatary disturbances can be treated with Chandraprabha vati, Yograj guggul, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Aloe, Amla, Dashmoolarishta, Guduchi, Suvarna Sutshekhar, etc.

PCOD can be managed by Chandraprabha vati, Dashmoolarishtha, Rajapravartini vati, Chitrakadi vati, Bala, Latakaranja, Kanchanar guggul, Gokshur, Guduchi, Shatavari, Punarnava, Anantamool, Haridra. Medicated ghee made from these herbs also helps to greater extent. Basti, Virechan and Vaman therapy also proves helpful. Use of Chandrashur (lepidium sativum), Fenugreek seeds in various forms along with coconut, jaggery alleviates the cause.

Any Growth, structural abnormalities, large fibroids, Polyps requires surgical intervention.

Tubal impatency, blocked tubes, adhesions to some level can be managed by treatment known as ‘ Uttar Basti ‘ where in medicated oil or ghee is administered into the uterus. The treatment should be carried out very carefully and in utmost hygienic conditions.

Repeated Abortions or D&C , weakens the uterine muscles and loses its ability to retain the foetus for nine months. In this case the uterine muscles need some rest to regain its strength, therefore it is advisable to take a gap of atleast 5-6mths before next attempt of conception. Meanwhile the female should undergo treatment like Sneha pichu dharan, Vaginal douche (Dhawan), Basti therapy. Internally medicines like Chandraprabha vati, Lodhra, Anantamool, Manjishtha, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshur, Deodar, Ashok, Shunthi, Vata, Udumbar, Jambun, etc can be used in various forms to develope a healthy seat (endometrium) for the new conception.

TORCH infections can be dealt with immunomodulatory drugs like Guduchi, Kantakari, Brihati, Gokshur, Bhrungraj, Yashtimadhuk, Pippali, Bharangi, Padmakashtha, Rasna, Manjishtha, Sariva, Ushir, Chandan, etc.

Last but not the least A pleasant state of mind and a positive approach towards the problems makes a great difference.

All this is a brief guideline to confront female infertility, there can still be many measures, as every individual is different and so is their cause. While planning for a desirable healthy offspring it is recommended to undergo – the ayurvedic detoxifying therapy –  Panchakarma according to the body constitution. One should also follow a healthy regimen along with a nourishing diet and undoubtedly God will reward you with the most desirable blessing.