Are you currently dealing with problems related to Uterine Fibroids? Don’t fret, here are basics that will give you an overview of your condition. Fibroids are considered to be an extra growth or muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus. They are almost always harmless and are not to be conferred as cancerous. Fibroids are commonly seen in women aged between 30-40 years but can be found in any age group.


How Ayurveda Can Help In Treating Fibroids –

Fibroids are generally termed as leiomyomas or myomas. Fibroids vary in size, shape and position. They may grow in uterus, uterine wall, or even on its exterior. In certain cases, they might also grow as an attachment towards your uterus in a stem-like structure. In Ayurveda, Uterine Fibroids are known as Garbhashyagat Granthi.


A Granthi is a hard nodular swelling formed due to involvement of vitiated Rakta, Mamsa and Meda Dhatu, in combination with Kapha Dosha. These Granthi or nodular swellings when formed in uterus is called Garbhashaygat Granthi i.e. Fibroid or cyst.

Fibroids present with symptoms like –

Fibroids are usually diagnosed during pelvic examinations or sonographic examination.


How Ayurveda Can Help In Treating Fibroids –

It is important to consider Vata Dosha, when it comes to treating uterine fibroids, as uterus happens to be placed in pelvic region which is governed by Vata.

Vata, Kapha pacifying medicines, which will help to scrape of the Mansa, Meda tissue and also cleanse the blood in Artava vaha srotas (Female reproductive system) proves helpful in managing uterine fibroids.

Panchakarma procedures like Basti ,Virechan,  Uttar Basti, Yoni Pichudharan and Yoni Prakshalan (Vaginal douche) can also be helpful by regulating Vata and its functions, cleansing the uterine cavity.

Ayurveda medicines help in rectifying the deranged Dosha, Dhatus and Srotas mechanism without any invasive surgical procedures.