Suffering from unbearable joint or muscle pain? Medicines and treatments aren’t able to cure the pain? Learn the management of joint and muscle pain through an Ayurvedic perspective. 

Most people who suffer from joint and muscle pain face difficulty in managing their everyday activities. Musical pain is a general sign of overexertion and joint pain can be a cause of aging or a particular illness. The majority of the time I find joint pain complaints from the older generation; however, when the younger generation comes in with a similar issue, I find the root cause to be zero physical activity. 

Joint pain is a much serious issue when compared to musical pain as muscle pain is due to sudden jerk, or overexertion, but Joint pain generally leads to Arthritis and inflammation resulting in severe ache in the joints. Joint and muscle pain inevitably require a holistic approach for treatment. It’s essential to manage the pain to halt the recurrence of the pain in the future. So Hence, let’s deeply understand the importance of joint health and muscle wellness.

Ayurveda on Muscle and Joint Pain 

One of the reasons that joint pain is prevalent in the older and younger generation these days is due to the excessive toxins in the body. As per Ayurveda, excessive Ama or toxins are caused due to ill-digestion. If your digestion system or the Agni is weakened, excessive toxins are released in the body, directly affecting the joints. Humidity and cold weather aggravates this condition. 

According to Ayurvedic ancient texts, Joint pains generally occur due to the imbalance of Vata dosha or accumulation of ama or toxins. Imbalance in Vata dosha results in a buildup of Vata in the body, leading to excessive pain in joints and muscles (Vata is responsible for smooth movement of the joints). Excessive Vata in the body directly impacts the joints, making them undernourished. The deletion of lubricants protecting the joint tissues results in the weakening of joints.

Root Cause of Joint and Muscle Pain

Before comprehending the Ayurvedic treatment for joint and muscle pain, I believe we should talk about the causes of the wearing down of the muscles leading to muscle and joint ache. Joint pain can cause severe joint stiffness, restriction in mobility, pain, and fever. 

Joint Pain

Joint pain can affect any part of your body, for example, should pain can lead to a frozen shoulder, Elbow ache can be due to golf or tennis elbow issues, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis are the reason for knee pain, and many more to add to the list.

There are various reasons for joint pains including:-

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Ayurvedic Herbs to Treat Joint and Muscle Pain

A few herbs when used in oil or powder form can be extremely helpful in treating chronic joint pain and sudden muscle pain. These can be applied from the comfort of one’s home and/or at ayurvedic centers by professionals. Some of the herbs which can be used are Dashamoola, Nirgundi, Nilgiri or Eucalyptus, Shallaki, etc. 

Ayurvedic Remedy for Joint & Muscle Pain

Ayurvedic Remedy for Joint & Muscle Pain

There are several external therapies recommended by the ancient book of Ayurvedic therapies on how to joint health naturally.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint and Muscle Pain

There are numerous Ayurvedic medicines for joint and muscle pain including Bala Thailam, Lumbagest capsules, KM Lepum, Kottammchukkadi Thailum, Mahanarayana oil, and Karpooradi Thailum. 


Ayurveda assures relief from joint and muscle pain with accurate treatment, medication, diet, and exercise. Ayurveda treatment for muscle pain and joint aches can be easily treated naturally by Seven Ayurveda professionals. 

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