maMango – The king of fruits – is everyone’s favorite, and the reason for it need not be explained. Mango not only tastes very good, but is also medicinally useful in many ways. Mango seed, leaves, skin ,gum, tree bark and last but not the least the yummy pulp, all of these have their medicinal values; when used in various forms.

Mangoes are used in two forms : Raw and ripe, both of them have different properties : Raw Mango is sour in taste and increases pitta and vata dosha in the body, but when panhaconsumed in form of Panha (panak) – Panha is a recipe prepared by cooking raw mangoes, and then pulp is extracted & cooked with jaggery, cardamom, black salt, cumin powder; this syrup is mixed with cold water to make Panha –  is a good rejuvenating summer drink, quenches thirst, it pacifies pitta and also also works as good digestive drink.

Raw mangoes are also used to prepare pickles, when consumed in small quantity it enhances taste, dried  raw mango powder is a good source of vitamin C ,this amchur powder is used in food preparation to enhance food flavours.

Ripe MangoRipe mango is indeed a treat for the taste buds. Ripe mangoes are sweet in taste and pacifies vata and pitta dosha. Ripe mangoes are very nutritious when used in various forms.

  1. Weight Gain : Ayurveda explains its brihan (weight gain) action on bodily tissues. Mango  nourishes all the seven vital dhatus namely Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja & Shukra dhatu, and more precisely it has its effect on rasa and mamsa dhatu (muscle tissue). Eating a mango followed by glass of milk regularly for 3 mths, is very beneficial to earn that healthy extra pounds; this facilitates peaceful sleep and also serves as good liver and heart tonic. Mango pulp strengthens heart muscles.
  2. Aphrodisiac : Ripe mango not only pleases taste buds, but also gives immense mental pleasure, this property of mango rejuvinates male reproductive system, thus increases sex vigor, and also improves sperm quality and quantity. It also helps in erectile dysfunction  and loss of libidio.
  3. Eyes : Ripe mango pulp is very healthy for eyes, in conditions like burning sensation of eyes, dry eyes, and diminished vision during night.
  4. Digestion : Mangoes when consumed in desirable proportion improves digestion & also relieves constipation due to its high dietary fibre content.
  5. Anaemia : Mangoes serve good nutrition to rakta dhatu (blood) and increases hemoglobin level thus reducing symptoms like weakness, palpitation in anaemia.
  6. SkinRubbing inner side of Mango skin on face and skin,  tightens the skin, adds glow, and also keeps pimples away.aamras2
  7. PregnancyPregnant woman can have one mango everyday, this facilitates growth of the baby and also helps to increase the weight of the baby. Having aamras (mango pulp) is also good for lactation.
  8. Diarrhea : Mango seed powder when taken with fresh buttermilk, controls diarrhea and dysentry.
  9. Teeth & Gums : In oral problems like tooth decay, Bad breath, oral ulcers, bleeding gums – Gargles with the decoction of tree bark is of great help.
  10. BurnsAsh of mango leaves mixed with coconut oil is applied over burns to reduce the burning sensation.
  11. Gynecological problems :  Being astringent in taste, and ability to constrict tissues, decoction of tree bark for douche (vaginal cleansing). This can be used in gynecological problems like leucorrhea, excessive vaginal bleeding. This also strengthens uterine muscles.

These are few of the many benefits of mango and its various parts.

The right way to eat mangoesMangoes are definitely healthy and nutritious, but follow few of these tips to get extra benefit and taste of this mouth-watering ju