sciatica 2Sciatica or Gridhrasi is a severe painful condition affecting the posterior aspect of one or both the lower limbs. The pain radiates along the path of sciatic nerve which has its origin at the back of the pelvis from the lumbosacral vertebrae. This excruciating pain originates in lower back, hip, thigh, calf muscles and ends up in the toe.

The pain is the result of either compression of the nerve due to any reason like stenosis of spinal canal, accidental injury, fall, degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc, slipped disc – in which the disc buldge – exerts pressure on the nerve root involving sciatic nerve OR inflammation of muscles of the supporting tissues of the sciatic nerves of the leg. At times  the pregnancy bump also exerts the pressure on the spine resulting in compression of the sciatic nerve and exaggerated pain in the lower limb.

The pain may express in various ways like a simple tingling in the leg , burning or numbness in the leg to throbbing and excruciating pain during few movements, at times it may also cause restriction of movements. The sciatic pain may even interrupt daily chores and activities like standing, bending, driving, and other day to day activities. Sitting jobs can also worsen the pain.

The radiating pain often leads to limp in the affected leg – the gait that resembles to one, of the Vulture (Gridhra) – Ayurveda explains this condition as ‘Gridhrasi’ – “Gridhravat chalati asmin”. Ayurveda lists Gridhrasi among 80 vata diseases. The vitiated vata alone or along with deranged kapha dosha causes different symptoms in gridhrasi.

Causes :

Symptoms :

In Gridhrasi with only predominance of vata dosha, stiffness, radiating, pulsating pain is felt from lower back , back of thigh, knee, calf muscles upto toe. When Kapha dosha is associated with vata other symptoms like anorexia, nausea, numbness, drowsiness and heaviness are present along with pain.

Treatment :