Hair fall, premature greying of hair, headache, neck pain, stress and stress related insomnia or insufficient sleep, decreased immunity, are the most common complaints faced by many of us in day to day life. Although these complaints are disturbing- they are not much taken care of, the reason being quite simple – it doesnot hamper our daily routine.

On a second thought, is it really wise to neglect these small problems? Continuous use of headphones, computer and mobile screens are over exerting our sense organs, leading to irritability, headache,vision impairment. Repeated episodes of insufficient or disturbed sleep may as well cause restlessness, fatigue, indigestion and other digestive disorders, raised blood pressure,etc. We have lost to the routines,and it is not easy to alter this hectic lifestyle, but we can surely try improvising our lifestyle with a small addition, which will not only help reduce these problems but gradually strengthen our senses… Yes –  NASYA- 2 drops of health.

Nasya –  Nasya is one among the five karmas (Panchakarma), it is a procedure in which medicinal drops are instilled through nose. Ayurveda explains that medicine administered through nostrils has its gateway (direct effect) to the head; this is the reason that nasya is an effective treatment in all the upper body (above shoulder) ailments. Being among the panchakarma therapy its main role is to clear of the doshas(impurities n toxins) from the upper body, which is to be done in specific conditions; but the other aspect of nasya – which we can inculcate in our daily routine – Shaman/pratimarsha nasya  is to pacify the doshas and strengthen the body parts like ears, eyes, hair, nasal cavities, which can be done on regular basis and in small amount.

Procedure : Lie on a bed with head lowered, add 2-3 drops of medicated oil or ghee in each nostril, inhale slowly, lie in position for 1-2 mins or till the medicine trickles down in the throat. Spit out the medicine in the throat, and gargle with warm water.

When to avoid Nasya : Active cold, Running nose, Fever, Any ENT infections.

Ayurveda explains 15 different times for the pratimarsha nasya, but considering our routine, administration of nasya for minimum of once or twice a day, also proves beneficial. Nasya should be preferably done with 2-3 drops of medicated oil or cows ghee, Yashtimadhu oil.

Regular use of nasya pacifies the vitiated vata, and eliminates the unwanted kapha, thus calming down and nourishing the senses and the sense organs. It also relaxes the brain and strengthens the neck and shoulders. Nasya also adds glow and texture to the skin, it keeps the oral cavity healthy (teeth, gums,etc.). Regular use of Nasya not only strengthens the hair and hair root, but also stops hair fall and greying of hair. It clears off the sinus issues and thus headache. It also keeps away all the above mentioned issues.  The 2 drops works wonder and blesses you with the most desired health.


Note : Consult your Ayurvedic Physician before starting Nasya, for selection of medicine for Nasya, and rule out the conditions unsuitable for the same , if any.