Constipation is defined as infrequent passage of hard stools, there may also be complaints of straining, sensation of incomplete evacuation and perianal or abdominal discomfort.

Causes of constipation:

Symptoms :


  1. Nishottara churna (operculina terpethum), Triphala churna, Haritaki churna(terminalia chebula) can be taken along with warm water at night time.
  2. Castor oil should be taken along with warm water or with warm milk.
  3. Formulations like Gandharva haritaki, ampachak vati, sukhsarak vati, abhayarishta, triphala vati can be helpful.
  4. Medicines like hingvashtak churna, trikatu, bhaskar lavan churna should be used to improve digestion and further avoid constipation.
  5. The other form of treatment includes use of varti (medicated suppositories).
  6. Administration of anuvasan basti (enema with medicated oil) would serve better benefits.

Thus constipation is not a disease in itself, but a condition which if left untreated for long duration can cause many other diseases.