summerSummer season or Grishma rutu sets in increased body temperature, it aggravates pitta and triggers  physical and mental symptoms in the body like excessive thirst, weakness, sunburns,acidity, anger, impatience, irritation, and much more. External heat can be settled down with the use of air conditioners, coolers, fans, etc.but the internal chilling can only be achieved by proper diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda has precisely explained the seasonal regimen considering the human health. So this summer lets chill with these Ayurvedic tips:

Diet :

Liquid Intake :

Fruits and Dry fruits :

Lifestyle Modifications : 

All these not only keeps your body cool and healthy but also relaxes your stressed up mind, gives you internal pleasure, and surely pacifies pitta. Now, follow these Ayurvedic tips and beat the summer heat for this and many more upcoming summers.