Swine Flu Virus And Human BodySwine Flu epidemic spread is amongst the most concerned medical issues recently. Major steps are being taken worldwide for its prevention and Public awareness. Inspite of all this the threat prevails to majority of the people – the entry portal being nostrils and mouth – and surely One cant stop breathing. Swine flu is an infection caused by any one of the several types of Swine influenza viruses. The known strains include Influenza C and the subtypes of influenza A known as H1N1, H1N2,H3N1 and H3N2.  The spread among humans is through droplets expelled during cough and sneezing by an infected individual; Any personal contacts increases the risk of transmission. The symptoms of Swine flu are as under –

Sometimes accompanied with Diarrhea and vomitting. Some people may develope severe respiratory complications which  may need respiratory support (Ventilator). Timely Diagnosis, proper medical aid and effective preventive measures can help control spread and cure Swineflu. Ayurveda explains Pathology of Jwar  (Fever) as result of  “Agnimandya” and accumulation of “Aam” in the body; which causes imbalance of the Doshas. We can correlate symptoms of Swine flu with “Vatakaphaj Jwar”, mentioned in Ayurveda. The predominance of  Vata and Kapha Dosha at the end of winter and beginning of summer  i.e. the Rutu sandhi kaal (transit season) lowers down the immune system of the body and makes the conditions favorable for the spread of the disease.

        “Taaphani aruchi parva shiroruk peenas shwas kaas vibandha sheet              jadya timir bhram tandra shleshmavaatjanit jwar lingam||” va.ni.6/25

Ayurveda explains solutions against these symptoms and also corrects the pre-existing Agnimandya and Aam alongwith rebuilding your immunity. Here are few preventive tips which can be adopted by every individual to keep Swine flu infection at a faraway distance :

There’s lot more in the Ayurvedic treasure box, these are few of them which will surely help you, try to follow maximum tips and stay healthy.