Ayurveda-The science of life, is described as Ashtang Ayurveda. It is divided into eight branches……
        “kayabalagrahaurdhwangashalyadaunshtrajaravrushan”(ref-ashtang hriday)

  1. Kaya Chikitsa – ‘Kaya’ means body & ‘Chikitsa’ means treatment. Treating  the body by taking medicines internally is kaya chikitsa. medicines when taken goes thru the process of digestive fire & then performs the desired action.
  2. Bala chikitsa – This branch is related to ‘Paediatric’ age group.Under the term ‘Bala’, Ayurveda includes patients from newborn babies upto sixteen years.
  3. Graha Chikitsa – The branch deals with ‘Demonology’. The disease is treated with different verses & hymns. It is also known as ‘Mantra -Tantra Chikitsa’
  4. Urdhwang Chikitsa – Urdhwang means the body parts above shoulders, i.e. head,neck, throat,eyes,ears which deals with diseases of these organs.
  5. Shalya Chikitsa – Shalya Chikitsa is treating the patient with surgical procedures.It includes special procedures like ‘kshar karma, Agni karma, Rakta mokshan(Blood letting).
  6. Daunstra Chikitsa – Daunshtra or Daunsh means bite.The toxins released  into the body by bite of any animal,insect or any other creature can cause serious or even fatal conditions. The treatment measures taken against these toxins is Daunshtra chikitsa. It is also well known as ‘Toxicology’.
  7. Jara Chikitsa – Jara is old age; i.e. the science of ‘Geriatrics’. The science includes measures to delay ageing signs, treatment of age related diseases. It also includes rejuvination therapies.
  8. Vrishya Chikitsa – The facts related to ‘reproduction’ are explained in vrishya chikitsa. It deals with ‘Suprajanan’ i.e. preparation for betterment of conception. Problems related to infertility,etc.
Such is the science divided into eight branches for simplification of our understanding, yet it is so vast and explanatory that each of this branch takes years and years for mastering.