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    rainyThe normalcy of Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha in the body is the state of well-being, whereas imbalance in this state causes disease. Monsoon brings about vivid changes not only in the nature but also the body. The season of monsoon brings with it increased incidences of gastric upsets, viral fever, malaise. All this is the result of diminished digestive fire, increased acidic tendency (Amlata) in the nature and the body as well; which aggravates Pitta. The accumulated vata in summer pops out its head, with the drop in temperature at the onset of monsoon. The vitiated vata leads to symptoms like Joint pain, muscular pain, acidity, loss of appetite, bodyache, gas trouble, indigestion, cough n cold, etc.

    These growing incidences of ailments due to accumulated vata and pitta dosha needs to be pacified with intake of medicines, proper diet and lifestyle modification. The excessive doshas should be eliminated through the body (detoxification) with the help of Panchakarma. Ayurvedic texts recommend specific Shodhan therapy (detox program) as per the season for everybody. This is a part of Rutucharya (Seasonal regime) –

    • Vaman in Vasant rutu
    • Virechan and Raktamokshan in Sharad rutu
    • Basti in Varsha rutu .

    Importance of Basti

    Acharyas describe “Basti is half of the medicinal therapy, or even the complete treatment.”

                 Charak- Sid. Ch. 1 verse 39

    1. As it is being used in numerous unresponsive diseases of degenerative, musculoskeletal, locomotor and neurological nature with promising results. Basti alone is capable of curing many disorders. 
    2. Basti prevents recurrence of disease and has immunomodulation effects.
    3. Basti treatment regulates metabolism of Vata dosha, smoothens functioning of Vata dosha and ultimately corrects functioning of Pitta and Kapha dosha.
    4. Depending upon the medicines, oil and decoction used for Basti it renders curative, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, and other healthy and beneficial effects.
    5. It is an extremely beneficial treatment for all Vata vyadhi, ailments associated with digestive system, degenerative changes in the body, etc.
    6. Basti not only eliminates the toxins out of the body but also helps in regeneration process at the cellular level.

    Dietary Changes

    Ayurveda recommends few dietary tips to pacify vitiated vata, balance tridoshas.

    • Eat freshly cooked warm food, avoid eating reheated, cold or stale food.
    • Increase intake of ginger and garlic, cinnamon, cloves while cooking as it kindles the digestive fire. You can have a small piece of ginger with pinch of rock salt before every meal.
    • Add ghee tadka of asofoetida, cumin seeds, pepper to soups, dal and food herbal teapreparations, this pacifies vata and prevents indigestion. It also eases elimination of vata and keeps gas troubles away.
    • Include cow’s ghee, lean meat, lentils, old rice and wheat in daily diet.
    • Have a spoon of honey alone or with milk, water,etc.
    • Herbal teas, or tea with elaichi, tulsi, ginger, lemon grass, cinnamon,etc. is recommended.
    • You can add a twig of mint while cooking.
    • Avoid leafy vegetables, curds, cheese, red meat, fermented foods and  foodstuff which are heavy to digest.
    • Avoid eating excessive uncooked sprouts, or pulses like gram, beans, chick peas.
    • Using herbs like tulsi, turmeric, yashtimadhu (glycerhiza glabra) in various food preparations, tea, etc. gargling with water medicated with yashtimadhu, pinch of turmeric and salt helps in controlling infections like cough and cold.

    Extra Health tips

    • Take special foot care during monsoon.
    • Avoid day time sleeping and heavy exercise.
    • Pamper yourself  with oil massage regularly and have warm water bath, this helps to pacify Vata and leaves your skin soft and supple.
    • Maintain proper hygiene to prevent infections.
    • If possible purify your house with Dhoop (medicated smoke) every evening, it not only spreads soothing fragrance in the house but also purifies the air and keeps infections away.

    Follow these simple tips and enjoy the showers this monsoon.

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