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  • Introduction to Panchakarma

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    Panchakarma is an effective and miraculous Ayurvedic method of treatment which detoxifies the body. Body undergoes metabolism continuously through which waste products (toxins) are formed, these toxins are known as ‘Aam’ . This aam is the root cause of various diseases. Panchakarma procedure removes Aam from our body in efficient way without any adverse effects on body. ‘Pancha’ – means Five and  ‘Karma’ – means Actions/Therapies.  These are all shodhan (cleansing of vitiated doshas and bringing them to normalcy) therapies. Panchakarma consists of five major therapies namely : Vaman Virechan Basti Nasya Raktamokshan These therapies are known as Pradhan Karma , meaning main procedures. Snehan (oleation/massage) and Swedan (steam) are associated procedures which should be done before pradhan karmas and are so called Purva karma. Purva karma is a preparatory stage for the main procedures, it brings the aggravated doshas in koshtha for their elimination. Pre-purification Therapies : Snehan (Massage /Oleation therapy) and Swedan (Sudation) are the two Purva karmas. Snehan : Snehan or Oleation therapy helps in loosening the body toxins which are stuck up into
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