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  • Menarche – Ayurveda

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    Menarche is the transformation of a little girl into an adulthood, where she matures physically, emotionally and functionally. The  onset of menstruation signifies the fertility of the woman, it indicates that the reproductive system and the organs confined to it, has attained maturity. The development of breasts takes place, the pelvis area widens and also the patency of vaginal tract is confirmed. Artav, represents Shukra Dhatu in females. Till the onset of Menstruation it functions similar to Shukra Dhatu for overall development of body. The approximate age for menarche is between 10-16years, 13 being the peak. Early or late onset of menses, are considered as health concerns in Ayurveda. Various factors like general health, nutrition, genetics affect the menarche. The Menstrual cycle is known as Rutuchakra in Ayurveda, this explains regular onset of menses, at regular interval, for specific days like a cycle. Each Rutuchakra covers a period of 28 to 30 days depending upon Prakriti of the female. Pitta Prakriti females may have short cycle of 25 days, whereas females of Kapha Prakriti may
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