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  • The yummy and healthy Mango

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    Mango – The king of fruits – is everyone’s favorite, and the reason for it need not be explained. Mango not only tastes very good, but is also medicinally useful in many ways. Mango seed, leaves, skin ,gum, tree bark and last but not the least the yummy pulp, all of these have their medicinal values; when used in various forms. Mangoes are used in two forms : Raw and ripe, both of them have different properties : Raw Mango is sour in taste and increases pitta and vata dosha in the body, but when consumed in form of Panha (panak) – Panha is a recipe prepared by cooking raw mangoes, and then pulp is extracted & cooked with jaggery, cardamom, black salt, cumin powder; this syrup is mixed with cold water to make Panha –  is a good rejuvenating summer drink, quenches thirst, it pacifies pitta and also also works as good digestive drink. Raw mangoes are also used to prepare pickles, when consumed in small quantity it enhances taste, dried  raw mango powder is
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  • Keep your eyes healthy & beautiful

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    Nature has gifted man with 5 senses namely Touch, Taste, Smell, Hear, and Vision.Vision being the most important sense, and Eye is a very delicate organ, God has provided bony sockets for protection of the eyes, tears to keep the sclera moist,eyelids to prevent foreign particles from entering the eye,etc. Many a times we either misuse, or overuse them, which further becomes main cause for  opthalmic complaints,  like itching of eyes, irritation, burning sensation in eyes, diminished vision, headache, strain over eyes etc. Here are some tips and Ayurvedic procedures which can keep your eyes healthy. DO’S : Always keep safe distance of min 25-30cms from computer screen, and adjust brightness of screen which is not too sharp for eyes. Take a break from your computer screen after every 30mins, this will ease the strain on eyes. Wash your eyes with cold water for atleast 5-6 times a day. Wash eyes with plain cold water if some foreign particle enters the eye. Always consult a doctor in case the irritation or other symptoms persists for long
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