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  • Dry Cough

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    Coughing is generally a reflex action to clear of the irritant body or mucus from the throat, but the repetitive bouts of cough should be considered as a clinical condition. The cough can be a result of lower or upper respiratory tract infection, flu or cold (viral or bacterial). Generally cough is classified and treated depending upon the symptom – cough with mucus expectoration and without expectoration i.e. Dry cough. Persistent dry cough can really be very irritating and troublesome. According to Ayurveda classification dry cough falls in vataj kaas category – meaning cough or kaas with dominance of Vata dosha. Patient coughs for a longtime but with very little or no mucus expectoration. Dryness of throat and mouth. Headache,chest and backache can arise on persistent coughing. Continuous dry cough bouts can also cause fatigue and weakness. itchy and sore throat. Dry cough or Vataj cough is aggravated by cold and dry air, cold, stale, processed and fried foods, excess travelling, and over exertion. Vata aggravating foods and activities like packaged food, fermented food, uncooked
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