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  • Ghee

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

                These are the benefits of cow’s Ghee. These days we come across people and patients who avoid intake of Ghee, out of the fear of weight gain. The zero figure fad have made them neglect the utmost healthy and essential benefits of ghee. Acharya Vagbhat in his text- Ashtang Hriday, sutra sthan, 5th Adhyay  has explained these benefits of consuming ghee daily.   Just to list them : Ghee is best among all types of sneha (oleating medium) It enhances intelligence,  memory, agni (digestive fire), vigor, strength and vision. Ghee helps to increase the sperm count. Ghee is said to be ‘Aajanma satmya’, meaning- it can be consumed by all the age groups, right from the time of birth till old age. Person  willing to have children, glowing skin, and good melodious voice should have ghee. In other conditions like degenerative pathologies, pitta disorders, weakness, injury ,burns, any kind of jirna jwar (various old fever pathologies), and many more to name, Ghee helps to cure these conditions. All these
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  • Curd – The lesser known facts

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    With the onset of summer, and the raised temperature, it is but normal that many of us bring about small changes in diet and routine. The warm clothes are replaced by light coloured cotton clothings, some start intake of cold drinks or cold water over warm sips of water, tea, coffee and/or soups, fresh fruits, juices and etc,etc… One more inclusion or advise which is very common, ‘Have a bowl of curd or curd rice- to keep cool’. How true and appropriate is this? Now lets see what Ayurveda says about curd – “।। अम्लपाकरसं ग्राहि गुरुष्णं दधि वातजित्।। मेदःशुक्रबलश्र्लेष्मपित्तरक्ताग्निशोफक्रृत् । रोचिष्णु शस्तमरुचौ शीतके विषमज्वरे।। पीनसे मूत्रकृच्छ्रे च रूक्षं तु ग्रहणीगदे। नैवाद्यान्निशि नैवोष्णं वसन्तोष्णशरत्सु न।। नामुद्गसूपं नाक्षौद्रं तन्नाघृतसितोपलम्। न चानामलकं नापि नित्यं नो मन्दमन्यथा।। ज्वरासृक् पित्त वीसर्पकुष्ठपाण्डुभ्रमप्रदम्। “वा.सू.५ Curd is sour in taste and vipaak (rasa dominant after digestion), heavy to digest, contrary to everyone’s belief it is hot in potency, pacifies vata, but increases kapha and pitta dosha. Intake of curd builds up excess of meda dhatu (fats), increases rakta dhatu, shukra dhatu (sperm count), strength, kindles digestive fire and develops or stimulates swelling if any. Curd is also beneficial in conditions like anorexia, as it stimulates taste buds. In conditions like running nose
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