• Ayurvedic Dietary rules – 6, Incompatible foods

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    “Aviruddha ashniyat” – This is our next dietary rule. The term” Viruddha”, literally means opposite or incompatible. Certain food combinations, its preparation or consuming process are termed as viruddha in Ayurveda. These incompatible combinations when relished frequently, has antagonist effects on the body constituents like dosha, dhatu,etc . This results in imbalance of dosha and causes various ailments. Ayurveda strongly recommends to avoid such viruddha Ahar. We often happen to relish these foods knowingly or unknowingly. Depending upon the dosha status and immunity of an individual and also quantity and frequency of consuming viruddha ahar, these food combinations reflects its ill effects on the body.  Ayurveda classifies Viruddha ahar on varied factors like – Antagonist properties of food items Opposite combinations Flaws in method of cooking Antagonist effect with respect to time, place and quantity Swabhav Viruddha – opposite due to self abilities. ** Please note – Here opposite indicates antagonist effect on bodily dosha and dhatus. Let us see some common examples of viruddha ahar – 1) Antagonist properties of food  / opposite combinations – Fishes
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