• Ayurvedic Dietary Rules – 4

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    After the previous two dietary rules Ushnam ashniyat and Snigdham ashniyat, comes the third and important dietary  rule – which we usually ignore most of the times – Matravat ashniyat. The immediate question coming to the mind is, What is Matravat ? The literal meaning is ‘Desired quantity’. The quantity of food desired (required) by the body, with respect to age, one’s agni, type of food to be eaten, and not upon ‘xyz’ calories/units of particular food constituents. A]  Matra maybe classified as quantity of a single food item or quantity of all the items in a meal. Quantity of an individual food item differs with its properties and prakriti of the individual; but, yes Ayurveda specifies the matra in a particular meal – Ayurveda explains, one should not eat meals till contentment (full stomach), for instance if you divide the stomach into three parts grossly – 1 part should be for solid foods like roti, rice, bread, veggies/meat. 1 part for liquids which can include dals, buttermilk, soups and water,etc. And the last part should be left
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