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    Nature has gifted man with 5 senses namely Touch, Taste, Smell,

    Hear, and Vision.Vision being the most important sense, and Eye is a very delicate organ, God has provided bony sockets for protection of the eyes, tears to keep the sclera moist,eyelids to prevent foreign particles from entering the eye,etc. Many a times we either misuse, or overuse them, which further becomes main cause for  opthalmic complaints,  like itching of eyes, irritation, burning sensation in eyes, diminished vision, headache, strain over eyes etc. Here are some tips and Ayurvedic procedures which can keep your eyes healthy.

    DO’S :

    • Always keep safe distance of min 25-30cms from computer screen, and adjust brightness of screen which is not too sharp for eyes.
    • Take a break from your computer screen after every 30mins, this will ease the strain on eyes.
    • Wash your eyes with cold water for atleast 5-6 times a day.
    • Wash eyes with plain cold water if some foreign particle enters the eye.
    • Always consult a doctor in case the irritation or other symptoms persists for long time.
    • Rub your palms against each other  for 10secs and then place it on eyes  with your eyes closed,and breathe in and out gently, this relaxes muscles of eyes.
    • Soak cotton swabs in rose water or cold milk and place them on eyes for 10mins.
    • Eat leafy vegetables,carrots, cabbage, sprouted chick-peas,& other foods which are rich source of vitamin A & D.
    • Gandush : Fill your mouth with water to its full extent,and at the same time wash the eyes with water continuously, this should be done continuously till water can be easily held in mouth,spit the water and repeat the process for 2-3 times. Gandush should be done in the morning after brushing teeth. The excess of heat,and kleda in the eyes is absorbed by the water.This procedure improves vision.
    • Apply oil on head and sole of foot,and gently massage it, before going to bed. Application of oil pacifies vata dosha and relaxes mind and body,it also gives strength to eyes.
    • Soak Triphala powder in glass of water overnight, double filter the solution in the morning and wash eyes with this water.
    • Instillation of drops of Triphala ghrit into eyes regularly keeps eyes healthy and also maintains moistness of sclera.
    • Application of medicated Anjan (corrylium),Tupa-anjan.
    • Tarpan : This procedure should be carried out in a clinic by well trained doctor, a small well of udad dough is constucted around eyes, and filled with medicated ghee, patient is then asked to open his eyes and blink them for few times,the ghee is then carefully removed. This therapy gives immense strength to eyes,improves vision,helps to correct refraction error as well.
    • Herbs like Wintercherry, Amla, Liquorice are good for eyes.
    • Eat healthy food which will ultimately keep you healthy in all aspects.

    DONT’S :

    • Avoid staying in dark light or dimlight for long hours,this may exert strain on your eyes.
    • Avoid looking directly at sun or other harmful rays.
    • Avoid washing your eyes immediately after coming from hot sunlight,after lack of sleep in the night.
    • Avoid night driving for long run, it exerts strain over eyes.
    • Avoid trying to read very small letters,or continuous reading for long time.
    • Avoid glueing eyes to t.v. screen or computer screen for hours together.
    • Avoid over eating of spicy,stale food,aerated drinks,etc.

    Thus few simple tips can keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

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