• Ayurvedic Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

    Posted on by Dr. Shweta Labde

    summerSummer season or Grishma rutu sets in increased body temperature, it aggravates pitta and triggers  physical and mental symptoms in the body like excessive thirst, weakness, sunburns,acidity, anger, impatience, irritation, and much more. External heat can be settled down with the use of air conditioners, coolers, fans, etc.but the internal chilling can only be achieved by proper diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda has precisely explained the seasonal regimen considering the human health. So this summer lets chill with these Ayurvedic tips:

    Diet :

    • Pitta pacifying diet should be included. Avoid foods with Sour, spicy and salty taste, this category includes sour pickles, papads, chaat, chips, fried foods, canned foods, fermented foods like idli, dosa, dhokla, salted nuts, ketchup, bakery products etc.
    • Include sweet delicacies like kheer, sweet semolina, shrikhand.
    • Milk and milk products like milk flavored with gulkand, thandai, milk with sugar buttermilk& cardamom powder; but No Milk shakes.
    • Fresh unsalted  butter with sugar, freshly prepared sweet buttermilk improves digestion and also controls pitta. Avoid curd or Lassi.
    • Ghee is another real good pitta pacifying ingredient, it provides good nourishment and also prevents excessive dryness, burning in the body. Use ghee liberally in your diet, but avoid food fried in ghee as it becomes heavy to digest.
    • Include kokum (garcinia indica), fennel, cardamom, mint, coriander in food preparations, prefer moong dal to other dals. Have diet which is easily digestible, vegetables like bottle gourd, snake gourd, okra,ridge gourd, salads, cabbage, etc are beneficial. White onions are very good in summer, it regulates body temperature.
    • Amla jam (amla murabba), candied amla, rose petal jam (gulkand), dadimpak (pomegranate syrup) are good coolants.

    Liquid Intake :

    • Intake of various liquids should be encouraged in this season to maintain juices summerhydration. Fresh butter milk during lunch, fresh juices (sweet lime, pomegranate,etc), sherbets like khus, rose, kokum, panha (made of raw mangoes & jaggery) lime juice, coconut water,etc. Avoid chilled water,  carbonated beverages and canned juices.
    • Water from earthen pots and water medicated with coriander seeds, khus (vitivera zizanoides), rose petals not only quenches thirst but also are very good coolants and pacifies pitta. Water stored in copper utensils are also beneficial.
    • Another important aspect contradictory to regular belief that drink excess water in summer, NO! drink water only when you are thirsty and the amount which quenches your thirst.

    Fruits and Dry fruits :

    • Fresh fruits like melons, oranges, figs, grapes, pomegranates, ripe mangoes, watermelonsweet limes help to maintain the body hydration also these fruits serve as an extra dose of energy. Mangoes should be soaked in water for 15-20 mins before eating, this helps reduce its hot potency.
    • Black currants, raisins, dry figs, apricots can be consumed, almonds should be soaked in water overnight to reduce its hot potency. Avoid intake of cashews, walnuts and other nuts during summer.

    Lifestyle Modifications : 

    • Avoid excess roaming in the sun, and if needed use good sunscreen to prevent sunburns. Use proper head gears like cap, helmets or scarves.
    • For those who cant avoid sun exposure or have to travel – Smash a small white onion and place it on your head, under the cap or carry it in your pocket, this prevents from sunstroke.
    • Don’t rush in, to wash your face with cold water or hastily drink cold water immediately after sun exposure, this is harmful for your health & eyes.
    • Avoid heavy exercise, or exercise early in the morning or after sunset, when the mercury surge is at its minimal. Swimming can be a good option.
    • Short daytime naps are advised in summer for restoration of energy.
    • Pamper yourselves with a walk in the park with fountains around or moonlight walk. Spare sometime under a starry night with your loved ones, spend time with friends,Work in your garden. All these will give you internal pleasure, relax your stressed up mind and surely pacify pitta.
    • Listen to soft soothing music like that of flute, sitar.images (2)
    • Use soothing perfumes, place scented flower arrangements in and around your workplace and home.
    • Apply sandalwood and other refreshing herbal body & face packs, place rose water pads, cucumber over your eyes to get the cooling effect and beauty.
    • Wearing pearls and corals provide additive coolant effect.

    All these not only keeps your body cool and healthy but also relaxes your stressed up mind, gives you internal pleasure, and surely pacifies pitta. Now, follow these Ayurvedic tips and beat the summer heat for this and many more upcoming summers.




















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